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Indoor Lounge Chair FF1 
FF1 felt chair is made of 1 square sheet of synthetic felt (Polyester) that is twisted and folded in a way that it is self-supporting and very strong.  No other materials were added to strenghten the construction, besides some flax ropes that are keeping the entire design together.

We are handcrafting these chairs since 2010.

The chair is fully assembled by us, except 1 tiny knot to pull on at the side, learn more here


Weight : 7 kg / 15 pounds
Maximum load : 140 kg / 300 pounds
Dimensions (W×H×D) : 80 × 84 × 82 cm/31.50 x 33.07 x 32.28 in
Materials : Synthetic PES felt 12 mm/0.47 in  &  Flax rope 6 mm/0.24 in

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Download the 3D model for your projects.