A Journey into Design : FF1

Trials and Mock-ups : October 2009

Two independent Product Designers started a Cooperation in designing an object not knowing if it could turn into something, ...

So after several out-of-the-box-meetings they started to experiment with materials and had a concept in mind.

Prototype 1 : built February 3th 2010

Design an original one-material object that has no compromise in fragiltiy and strength, has a low impact on production and engineering, shipable worldwide by Belgian post (Bpost) and last but not least : an eye-catching beauty !

First batches made in Mr. Freeze's Living Room

And so it began, Belgian Designers James Van Vossel (Mr. Fox) and Tom De Vrieze (Mr. Freeze) started making the FF1, which stands for Fox & Freeze 1.  [Vos is Dutch for Fox and Vrieze(n) is Freeze. Belgium has 3 official languages : Dutch, French and German]

Street-selling at De Markt van Morgen

We started promoting and seling our indoor lounge chairs through a variety of channels such as street-selling, fairs, markets, e-commerce, press contacts.

Custom built and One-offs

The first chairs were offered in three editions : grey, white and mix (front in grey, back in white).  Exclusively and on client's demand we upgraded a white version by glueing 1 mm woolfelt at both sides.  Pink editions were made for Theo Eyewear and an orange one for a Dutch dentist.

Photoshoots by Gael Maison/Feeling Wonen 

The felt chair FF1 has had many publications in design magazines, both printed as online, such as Knack, GVA, Core 77, Designboom, ...

Aquired by Musea & Selling worldwide 

FF1's have been purchased worldwide by consumers, hotels, shops, designers and even by ... some musea such as : Design Museum Ghent and NGV Australia, which make us off course very proud.  FF1 also has received a nomination on OVAM's ecodesign AWARD from 2010.

Today's Micro Entreprise

Nowadays Mr. Fox and Mr. Freeze are still making these beautiful felt chairs, with 1 colour variant : the FF1 Grey.  We try to keep it simple & never change a winning team. Perhaps the FF1 will be soon in your living room, bedroom, wo-/mancave, gallery, shop, hotel lobby ?